The main objectives of Buddies & Bullies are to learn about a serious subject while having fun, and to learn to remain empowered, regardless of what happens on the outside.

Here are some of the things the students learn:
* what a bully looks like and does
* why and where bullying happens
* how it feels to be bullied
* simple things to do if we're bullied
* the power of the bystander

On life-size cut-outs of a Buddy and a Bully, we put up descriptive words written on florescent cards. The students receive a clear visual message about the differences between the two. They also see how similar we all are inside.

Going through "My Toolbox," we learn fun ways to control our anger almost instantly.

We also perform a magic trick: a student from the audience hypnotizes a chicken (not a real one!) The message is "Don't be a chicken. TELL if you see someone bullying, or if you're being bullied."

A crossword puzzle containing key words from Buddies & Bullies is given to the students after the presentation. When they solve the puzzle, the key words are reinforced once again.

Congratulations on your Buddies & Bullies presentation. Bullying is an ongoing problem in all schools. The more tools we have to educate students on how to identify, respond to, and prevent bullying, the better.

I have heard great things from principals, teachers and students on how much they learned from your presentation. Everyone enjoys your unique way of teaching. You have created a way of making a serious subject fun to learn about.

Your presentation is a welcome asset in the ongoing fight against bullying. Thank you for your interest in helping educate students on bullying!

Gordon Baxter Former Trustee


I would like to recommend Denise Richard, known as "Bellybutton the Clown" for presentations on anti-bullying for primary and junior level students. She cleverly uses humour to treat a serious topic. She has a great deal of talent in conveying key messages to students, her interactive presentation includes student volunteers and she reinforces her message in a visual manner.

E. Kagazchi Former Vice Principal with Uxbridge Public School


Body Language Presentation

Change your body language, improve your LIFE!

These are some of the things we talk about:

* The connection between Attitude, Self- Esteem and Body Language
* We can choose our attitude and the key to having a positive one
* Our attitude is directly related to our potential
* Our self-esteem is connected to the opinions we form while growing up
* We can change our body language to attract more of what we want
* In role-playing we see how most of our communication is non-verbal



Denise did a presentation on Body Language during our staff training session. It was dynamic, charismatic and the material presented was informative. She surpassed our expectations and we received great feedback from our staff. Her body language is incredibly positive, she truly is an example of enjoying ones life. She influences everyone around her in a positive way. It has been a pleasure working with Denise and we hope to continue working with her in the future.

Stephanie Hale
Camp Coordinator
Uxbridge Parks and Recreation